1. Click Pay Types > New Pay Rate or
    Click Pay Types from the Side Bar, Navigate to Pay Type, click on the drop-down menu and change to Pay Rate then click New.
  2. In Description, enter Annual Leave and Loading (Cashed Out).
  3. In Paid by, select Per Hour.
  4. In Amount ($ or ), enter 117.50.
  5. In Tax Treatment, select either Annual Leave Cashed Out – Schedule 5 Method A or Annual Leave Cashed Out – Schedule 5 Method B(ii)
  6. If required, change the following fields,
    1. Tax
      1. Payroll Tax
    2. Accruals
      1. Superannuation (OTE)
  7. Click Save then Exit.
  8. Use this Pay Rate n a pay run by following How do I process a Pay Run with Annual Leave and Loading (Cashed Out)?
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Last modified: Apr 12, 2022