e-PayDay® Payroll Software - New Pay Rate Window

During a pay run, e-PayDay® will review the award the employee is linked to for the rate of pay and accruals. If there is a tick next to Annual Leave, when this pay rate is used in the pay run, e-PayDay® will confirm the selected items and accrue as necessary.

  1. Click Pay Types > New Pay Rate or
    Click Pay Types from the Side Bar, Navigate to Pay Type, click on the drop-down menu and change to Pay Rate then click New.
  2. In Description, enter Exempt Foreign Employment Income.
  3. Select Paid by.
    A unit pay rate allows employees to be paid on a unit basis and the total number of units should be entered during the pay run. However, if a Per Unit Pay Rate is used during a Pay Run and the accrual method (set within the employees’ award) is set to Per Hour Pro-Rata, the accruals will NOT calculate on this Pay Rate.
    1. Per Day
    2. Per Hour
    3. Per Kilometre
    4. Per Lump Sum
    5. Per Month
    6. Per Pay Period
    7. Per Unit
    8. Per Unit – Punnet
    9. Per Week
  4. Enter the Amount ( $ or % ).
  5. If the employee is entitled to earn more super on this pay rate, enter the Superannuation % in Using Supr as set in the employees’ file instead of X.XX%.
  6. In Tax Treatment, select Exempt Foreign Employment Income (Not Taxed, Reportable to ATO)
  7. If required, change the following fields,
    1. Tax
      1. Payroll Tax
    2. Reporting
      1. Report to
    3. Accruals
      1. Long Service Leave
      2. Annual Leave
      3. Superannuation (OTE)
      4. RDO’s
      5. Personal Leave
      6. Contributes to $450.00 Rule.
  8. Click Save then Exit.
Revision: 3
Last modified: May 29, 2020