On the PC you wish to copy from

  1. If your Company is not already open, Open your Company your Company is open;
  2. Click Utilities > Data and Settings Transfer > Transfer to New Computer.
  3. Choose the location to create the Transfer File to (e.g. USB STICK or EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE) by either Double-Clicking or Clicking Open on the drive/location you require.
  4. Click Save to save the Path
  5. Once the Transfer file has completed, Click Exit.

On the NEW PC

  1. Read here to download and install Full Install/Upgrade
  2. Once installed, double-click on your Desktop Icon to open e-PayDay®.
  3. An Alert will display: Due to Single Touch Payroll and the new Government Security requirements, all users of e-PayDay® Payroll Software MUST Logon with a Username and Password. To assist you a default Username and Password will be used however you will be required to establish a User Account at a later stage.
  4. Click Click here to Continue.
  5. An Alert will display with the default Username and Password.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Click Utilities > Data and Settings Transfer > Transfer from old Computer.
  8. Choose the location of the Transfer File you wish to restore (e.g. USB STICK or EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE).
  9. Click Open.
  10. Select the Transfer File you wish to restore.
  11. Click Open.
  12. The following alert will display: In order to finish the Transfer process e-PayDay® will close. Please restart e-PayDay®.
  13. Click Click Here to Continue.
  14. Reopen e-PayDay® by double-clicking on your Desktop Icon.
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Last modified: Aug 04, 2020