Reason 1 – Security / Permissions.

  • Please contact your IT professional to ensure you have full administrator access to the entire e-PayDay BE Folder.


  • Please contact your IT professional to ensure the following two ciphers have been added
      • Both of the above were added by Microsoft in 2014 but had serious issues so it was left disabled. Microsoft has since patched this through Automatic Updates.

Reason 3 – SBR2 Client V3.0.0.5 is not installed

  1. Ensure you have installed ALL Windows Updates and if required, download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 here
  2. Download the latest e-PayDay® Upgrade and Install as Administrator
  3. Once you have installed Version 23.00, read here to manually send your Single Touch Payroll Submission

Reason 4You’ve exceeded the number of Waiting Transactions allowed

  • The maximum number of unresponded submissions is 50, therefore, please request a Support call here
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Last modified: May 19, 2023