Export Data (e-Port™) allows you to export data to an external source.

  • Export Type
    • Text (*.txt, *.pm, *.asc, *.csv or *.tab)
    • e-PayDay Text (*.epd)
  • Browse: Select the location of the file to export to.
  • Preview: Preview the previously selected export file.
  • Settings: Set the Export File Settings
    • Fields
      • Field Name Header
      • Delimit Strings
      • Delimit All Fields
      • No Delimiter
    • Fields Delimited by
      • Quotes
      • Custom
    • Field Separator
      • Comma
      • Return
      • Semicolon
      • Space
      • Tab
      • Custom
    • Date Order
      • DD/MM/YYYY
      • MM/DD/YYYY
    • Export
    • Save: Save the Import File Settings.
    • Clear: Clear the Import File Settings.
    • Exit: Close e-Port™ – Importing
  • Select Database Table
    • Employee Banking Table: Employee Bank Account Details.
    • Employee Contacts Table: Next of Kin and Emergency Contacts for the Employee
    • Employee EmpLeave Table: Leave records for the Employee
    • Employee Employees Table: Employee Information.
    • Employee FBT Table: Employee Reportable Fringe Benefits.
    • Employee FBT Types Table: Fringe Benefit Payment Types.
    • Employee Termination Warnings Table: Warnings and Termination Information for the Employee.
    • Employee UserDefinedLabelsTable: User Defined Labels in e-Personnel.
    • Payroll Allowance Reports Report To Table: Where the Allowance reports to (eg. Meal, Travel).
    • Payroll Awards Table: Award and Agreement Information.
    • Payroll Cost Centres Table: Cost Centres (e-Cost™)
    • Payroll Deduction Reports Report To Table: Where the Deduction reports to (Superannuation, Union).
    • Payroll Employee Cost Centre Table: Cost Centres (e-Cost™)
    • Payroll Job Titles Table: Job Titles (eg. Manager, Picker/Packer, Clerk).
    • Payroll Locations Table: Pay Locations (eg. Office, Market, Brisbane – Sales).
    • Payroll Messages Table: Pay Slip Messages.
    • Payroll Pay Types Paid By Table: Payment Methods for Pay Types (eg. Per Hour, Per Unit).
    • Payroll Pay Types Table: Pay Rates, Allowances and Deductions.
    • Payroll Reminder Table: Reminders and Alerts.
  • Payroll Super Funds Table: Superannuation Funds.
  • Saved Imports: Previously saved Imports.
  • Add: Add the selected Available Database Field to Import Field Order.
  • Remove: Remove the selected Available Database Field from Import Field Order.
  • Add All: Add All Available Database Fields to Import Field Order.
  • Remove All: Remove All Available Database Fields from Import Field Order.
  • Export File: Displays the Export File Location and settings.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021


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