1. Gather Employment Records
    1. Locate the Employees physical Employment record, including their TFN Declaration and Superannuation choice form) (or similar depending our your business requirements).
  2. Confirm all Employees are set up correctly & correct any issues
    1. Is the Employee linked to the correct fund in e-PayDay®? Does their set up match the paperwork they returned?
      1. Print the Employee Masterfile report to confirm which Super Fund your Employees are assigned to and add any new Super Funds that are required, update existing Super Fund details, reassign Employees to the correct Superannuation Funds and update Employee records as required.
      2. If applicable, ensure all Concessional and Non-Concessional Superannuation Contribution Deductions are set up correctly, so they are included as part of your SuperStream File.
  3. Decide what’s best for your business
    1. How do you currently pay your Superannuation obligations and are you already SuperStream compliant?
      1. Decide on the Superannuation Fund provider/s that you wish to upload your SuperStream File and payment through. As there are many options available including our own e-PayDay® SuperStream Gateway, which is included free of charge in all e-PayDay® Subscriptions, we recommend contacting all of the Superannuation Funds you currently pay contributions to, to find the best solution for you.
  4. Implementation
    1. If you have chosen to use another provider, please follow How do I start with SuperStream for a Superannuation Fund or Clearing House?
    2. If you have chosen to use the Ozedi Gateway, please follow How do I start with SuperStream for the Ozedi Gateway?
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Last modified: Aug 24, 2023