Non-Concessional (After Tax) Super

e-PayDay® Payroll Software - Non Concessional (After Tax) Superannuation Contribution Deduction (STP)

Non-Concessional (After Tax) Super are payments that are deducted from the employees’ net salary or wages and paid directly to their Superannuation Fund. As these payments are deducted after tax is calculated, the Superannuation Fund will not deduct any tax once they receive the contributions. Learn more here…

All payments made using this type will be calculated using the base rate, from the following sections, in the following priority;

  1. The Employees Advanced Pay Set Up unless Calculate Base Rate on Advanced Pay Settings is selected,
  2. The Employees Special Award Rate,
  3. The Employees Hours paid at $ in their Award & Agreement.
  4. Alternatively, the Pay Type can be edited to set the rate or simply changed by entering the rate during a Pay Run.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021