Copy / move the e-PayDay BE folder from the Client Server to the Stand-Alone PC

  1. Within e-PayDay®, Click File > Company > Go to Folder.
  2. Minimize this window.
  3. Close e-PayDay®.
  4. Re-maximise the previously minimized window.
  5. Navigate back to the e-PayDay BE folder.
  6. Right-Click on the e-PayDay BE folder.
  7. Click Copy.
  8. In the navigation bar, click the NEW drive you need (eg. C:\)
  9. Paste the e-PayDay BE Folder into the required location.

Update ALL required Files in the new Drive

  1. Open the e-PayDay BE folder.
  2. Open the Client.ini
    1. update [FileOpenX]: Update the EPDPath= to the new location for ALL Companies displayed (eg. C:\e-PayDay BE\EPD\Example Company.EPD)
    2. Save and close the Client.ini
  3. Open the e-PayDay BE.ini
    1. Update ParentDataPath= to the new location (eg. C:\e-PayDay BE)
    2. Save and close the e-PayDay BE.ini
  4. Open the EPD Folder.
    1. Take note of your EPD file name as this is used inside this file (Step 2.b).
    2. Open the required. EPD
      1. Update DataDirectory=: Update the DataDirectory=:the new location for the company data. (eg. DataDirectory=C:\e-PayDay BE\EPD\Example Company)
    3. Save and close the Company.EPD
    4. Repeat the above steps for all Company.EPD’s you require access to.

Update the software

  1. Download and install Full Install/Upgrade (Series 20) FYE 2020 here then
  2. Once downloaded, double click E-PAYDAY_LEGACY.exe to start the e-PayDay® Installation.
  3. When prompted, select Stand Alone Install
  4. Enter the Registration Owner: Contact Name for the Company.
  5. Enter the Registration Organisation: Legal Entity Name (Company Name).
  6. Allow the installer to complete then close.
  7. Download and install the latest SBR2 Client V3.0.0.5 available here
  8. Enter your Software Serial Number (SSN) and load your Licence, read here.
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Last modified: 2020/03/27


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