1. Click File > Edit then Preferences or
    Click File > Company > Company Preferences.
  2. Click e-Mail Settings.
  3. Update the following fields as required,
    1. SMTP server name
    2. Port ID
    3. This server requires an encrypted connection (TLS/SSL)
    4. Username and Password
    5. Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
    6. Tick Log e-Mail after processing ? so all emails are logged to a text document once they have been sent.
    7. To add a delay between each email being sent, enter the number of seconds delay in Delay Period.
    8. To send multiple emails sent at once with a set delay between each batch, select Send e-Mails in a Batch?
      1. Enter the number of emails to be sent in one batch in After Sending X e-Mails and the number of minutes delay between in batch in Wait X Minutes.
  4. Select Save then Exit.
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Last modified: Oct 21, 2022