1. Click Pay Day > Process Pays > Time Cards (e-Time™) or
    Click Pay Day from the Side Bar then e-Time™
  2. Choose your preferred method based on the three below options,
    1. Normal Week
      1. Click Normal Week to Import the defined times from e-Time™ under HR in the Employee file.
    2. Scheduled Hours
      1. Click Scheduled Hours to import the roster for the specified dates from e-Roster™.
    3. Enter the Employees Hours Manually
      1. Enter the In time (e.g. 09:00).
      2. Enter the Out time (e.g. 17:00).
      3. Choose the applicable Pay Rate.
      4. Repeat for each time required
      5. Click Save and Next to navigate through each Employee.
      6. Repeat this process for each day the employee has worked for this period.
  3. Click Post To Pay Run to export the total hours from e-Time™ into the Employees Pay Envelope.

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Last modified: Jun 06, 2022