1. When composing the Employees Pay, Click Line 2 under Pay Rates.
  2. Select Back Pay, Commission, Bonus (B(ii)) or add a new Schedule 5 – Method B (ii) Pay Rate if necessary.
  3. Enter the Back Pay, Commission, Bonus (B(ii)) QTY and Rate unless previously set.
  4. Click Line 57, under Deductions.
  5. Select Concessional (Before Tax) Superannuation or add a new Concessional (Before Tax) Superannuation Deduction if necessary.
  6. Enter the Concessional (Before Tax) Superannuation QTY and Rate unless previously set.
  7. Make any other changes as necessary.
  8. Click Pending or OK to save all changes.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021