1. Obtain the latest Upgrade for the financial year you are processing here
  2. Once downloaded, right-click E-PAYDAY_LEGACY_2024.exe or E-PAYDAY_LEGACY_2024.exe and select Run as Administrator to start the e-PayDay® Installation.
  3. Click Next > on the Welcome screen.
  4. Select I understand and wish to continue then click Next >.
  5. Select I agree to the terms of this license agreement then click Next >.
  6. If you wish to export your payroll information from e-PayDay® to your accounting software, select the required option here. Otherwise, leave as None then click Next >.
  7. Leave the Application File Path and Data Files Path as set by the installer UNLESS the Data Files Path is not correct
    1. What do I do if I cannot see my Server or Mapped Network Drives when installing e-PayDay® Legacy (Desktop)?
  8. Click Next > on the Ready to Install screen.
  9. Once the installer has completed, click Finish.
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Last modified: Mar 25, 2024