e-Roster™ enables you to schedule Employee shifts, which can be imported into e-Time™ and used to automatically post the employees’ total hours with the applicable pay types directly into the pay run without having to do any manual calculations.

Access to Employee Rostering (e-Roster™) is available through the sidebar (under Extensions > e-Roster™).

The e-Roster™ window contains the following options;

Gant Chart

  • Prev Period: View the previous pay periods Roster.
  • Next Period: View / compose the next pay periods Roster.
  • Start Date: Select the Start Date of the Roster.
  • One Timebar Only: Display only 1 time bar per Employee (1 start and 1 finish time).
  • Copy Last Period: Copy the previous pay periods Roster to the current period.
  • Toggle Map: Allows you to easily navigate to a segment of time.
  • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes
  • Save: Save your changes
  • Exit: Close Employee Rostering (e-Roster™)


  • One Row Only: Display only 1 Row per Employee (1 start and 1 finish time).
  • Hide Cost: Do not display the cost breakdown of wages per shift.
  • Reports: Print and e-Mail e-Roster™ Reports.
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Last modified: Jan 23, 2023