1. If required (based on advice from your Accountant, Bookkeeper or Financial Advisor) read here to process a Cessation (Termination) Pay Run.
    1. IIf the Employee has changed from Permanent (Salary, Full-Time or Part-Time) to Casual partway through a pay period (eg. you pay fortnightly and the employee changed from the second week of that period), read here to add a Pay Rate that doesn’t accrue Leave Entitlements. This pay rate can then be used in the pay period to effectively ‘spilt’ the casual and permanent hours.
  2. If the Employee is linked to thier ‘own’ Award/Agreement, read here to update it accordingly
    1. If you are unsure, you can read here to verify which award the Employee is linked to
    2. Otherwise if you would prefer to add a new Award or Agreement for this Employee, read here.
  3. Read here to reinstate the required Employee.
  4. If you added a NEW Award, read here to assign the Employee to the new Award or Agreement
  5. Read here to add comments to the Employees File regarding their Employment Status change.
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Last modified: Oct 29, 2020