To Print or Export

  1. Click Pay Slips
  2. Choose the appropriate Pay Slip.
  3. If required, Navigate to Report Selection Criteria and deselect DO NOT include email recipients.
    1. DO NOT include email recipients will disable the functionality to print a pay slip for any employee who has an e-Mail Address listed in HR.
  4. Click PreviewPrint or Export PDF.

To e-Mail

  1. Read here to set up the ability to e-mail pay slips
  2. Click Pay Slips.
  3. Select e-Mail Pay Advice Slips (1 Up)  or e-Mail Pay Advice Slips (Transactions YTD).
    1. When e-Mailing Pay Slips, you also have the ability to add an (1) attachment.
  4. Click e-Mail.
  5. The e-Mail Status window will display and as each employee is emailed their payslip, the Status will update from Sending to Sent.
  6. Once all payslips have been emailed, click Click here to ContinueExit then Exit again.
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Last modified: Mar 25, 2022