1. Process Pays as normal by following Pay Run Procedure
  2. While composing the pays, add the Leave paid in advance
    1. Annual Leave No Loading
    2. Annual Leave and Loading
    3. Public Holidays
    4. Long Service Leave
    5. Personal Leave
    6. RDO’s
    7. TIL Taken
    8. Banked Hours
  3. Enter the EXACT Leave Dates for each Leave Pay Type as this will cause an alert to display if their Pay Envelope is opened in a future pay run before the leave period ends.
  4. An alert will display which will allow you to Tax Average the Leave Pay Rates ONLY, if the total hours paid exceed what is set in the Employees Award or Agreement. The number of periods you enter will affect Leave Accruals and any Deductions that are set to Per Pay Period.
  5. If required, manually override tax amount by following How do I adjust Total Tax (E = C + D) during my Pay Run?
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Last modified: Nov 18, 2019