1. Download and install Full Install/Upgrade for the current financial year here then
  2. Once downloaded, double click E-PAYDAY_LEGACY_202X.exe to start the e-PayDay® Installation.
  3. When prompted, select Client Install
  4. Enter the Registration Owner: Contact Name for the Company.
  5. Enter the Registration Organisation: Legal Entity Name (Company Name).
  6. Select the path where the Data Files are stored on the server (eg. \\servername\payroll\e-PayDay BE).
    1. Read here if you cannot see your Server or Mapped Network Drives when installing
  7. Allow the installer to complete then close.
  8. Repeat for each Client PC that requires access to the e-PayDay® Data Directory.
  9. Enter your Software Serial Number (SSN) and load your Licence, read here.
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Last modified: Nov 04, 2021