Click the Run button located in the Run the Model tab to open the Batch Run window.

To add a simulation run, click the Add button in the toolbar of Batch Run. Select Precipitation, Temperature, Evaporation and Groundwater data. The Starting Date and Ending Date should automatically populate. We create three runs in the Batch Run window, each run for each year of groundwater data.

Check whether your settings are the same as shown in the figure below

Click on the Simulation Engine button on the toolbar of the Batch Run window to open the Simulation Engine window. On the Simulation Engine window, click on the Time Step tab and set the Simulation Time Step (min) as 5 min. Click OK to save and close the Simulation Engine window.

Click Run on the Batch Run window to run the batch simulation. A progressing bar will display and a successful completion message will show if all the runs are completed.