The most common cause of the program quitting during a run simulation is due to incorrect input. To isolate the suspect input, try the following:

  1. After the program quits, open the Detailed Output file using a text editor. Make note of the command (by NHYD) where the simulation appears to have stopped.
  1. If there are Warning or Error messages, refer to the previous section in this Manual for an explanation on the message.
  1. Re-open the Project and suspect the scenario and view the parameters of the object in question. Make any adjustments as required. If the scenario will not open then retrieve a backup copy from the BACKUP folder located in the project folder.
  1. If the object parameters are acceptable then the error can be from the rainfall information. If using an external rainfall file, confirm that it is present and that the format is correct (refer to Reference Manual for format). To see whether the rainfall file is where the error occurs, try running the scenario with the default Chicago Storm.
  1. If the above fails, try importing the scenario into a new project with only one scenario contained in the project.