ERROR: CHECK NUMBER OF RAINFALL INCREMENTS: This occurs in the old URBHYD command where the number of rainfall increments was an input variable. It therefore has to match with the storm being simulated.

ERROR: CHECK THE STORAGE-DISCHARGE TABLE.: There is an error in the input variables in the storage-discharge table.

ERROR: UNITS OF INPUT DATA NOT SPECIFIED: Either the scenario or project settings have a conflict in the input units. Make sure each unit type is consistent (i.e. metric or imperial).

ERROR: SHIFT TO LARGE, RAIN ELIMINATED: This error occurs with the SHIFT HYD command. If the shift is too large, the rainfall may be eliminated past the 800 point time steps.

ERROR: TIME STEP = 0, COMMAND ABORTED.: A DT of 0 has been inputted and is unacceptable.

ERROR: RAINFALL INCREMENT = 0, COMMAND ABORTED.: The number of rainfall increments is zero, therefore runoff will not be calculated.

WARNING: A MINIMUM SURCHARGE OF (X) CAN BE EXPECTED WITH THE GIVEN PIPE.: This is from the ROUTE PIPE command. The message indicates that surcharge may occur due to lack of conveyance capacity.


WARNING: CANNOT COMPUTE 1a WHEN USING PROPORTIONAL LOSS METHOD: The initial abstraction cannot be calculated (i.e. cannot be -1) when using the proportional loss method. It must be specified by the user.

WARNING: COMPUTATIONS FAILED TO CONVERGE.: The routing time step is too large, try reducing it.

WARNING: FIRST OUTFLOW IS NOT ZERO.: The first point in a ROUTE RESERVOIR command must be 0,0.

WARNING: FOR AREAS WITH IMPERVIOUS RATIOS BELOW 20%, YOU SHOULD CONSID-ER SPLITTING THE AREA.: This is a warning for STANDHYD. The STANDHYD command was designed for areas with impervious ratios greater than or equal to 20%. When the ratio is less than this value, the runoff may not be correct. The catchment should therefore be split into impervious and pervious components.

WARNING: HYDROGRAPH PEAK WAS NOT REDUCED. CHECK OUTFLOW/ STORAGE TABLE OR REDUCE DT.: The routing command did not reduce the peak flow. Reduce the DT, check the input variables, or review the assumptions made with routing object.

WARNING: HYDROGRAPH WAS CUT. CHECK VOLUME.: This happens in routing commands and may be caused by a high DT or too many points in the hydrograph (i.e. approaching 800). If the volume out is only marginally less than the volume in, then this may not be of concern.

WARNING: LENGTH OF STORM HAD TO BE CUT FROM (X) POINTS TO 800.: The maximum number of hyetograph points is 800. The rest have been truncated. To include all points increase the DT of the storm file and hydrographs computations as well.

WARNING: MINIMUM PIPE SIZE REQUIRED = (X) FOR FREE FLOW. THIS SIZE WAS USED IN THE ROUTING.: Too small of a pipe size was inputted. The program automatically calculated a new size and this was used in the routing calculations.

WARNING: N DID NOT CONVERGE AFTER 50 ITERATIONS.: This is from the WILHYD command. There was a problem calculating an internal number for the number of linear reservoirs. Check the input parameters and re-run.

WARNING: SELECTED ROUTING TIME STEP DENIED.: The DT of the routing command is not less than or equal to the DT of the incoming hydrograph. Change the input parameter for this command.

WARNING: SLOPE <=0.0 (HYD WAS ONLY TRANSFERRED): This is from the ROUTE PIPE Command. The pipe slope must be positive or there is no routing calculated.

WARNING: STORAGE COEFF. IS SMALLER THAN TIME STEP!: The peak flow may be underestimated since the storage coefficient relates to the time-to-peak of the unit hydrograph. Users should manually decrease the DT of the hydrograph until the warning disappears or the DT is as small as 1.0 minute.

WARNING: THE PERVIOUS AREA HAS NO FLOW.: This may happen for small storms where the runoff volume is low, or in cases where the catchment imperviousness is high. Check the LGP (Pervious Area Flow Length) parameter as well. It can be too high.

WARNING: THE TABLE WAS EXTRAPOLATED FROM (X) TO THE END.: The rating curve table has been extrapolated. Add more points to the rating curve.
WARNING: TRAVEL TIME TABLE EXCEEDED.: For a ROUTE CHANNEL command, the rating curve table has been exceeded. Add more points to the channel geometry. Also this can result from too large of a computation time step.

WARNING: VALIDATE_UNDERDRAIN_PIPEDIAMETER.: For underdrain calculations. Check (Diameter of Perforations+Minimum Spacing)*Number of Rows cannot be larger than Pipe Circumference

WARNING: VALIDATE_UNDERDRAIN_WARNING.: For underdrain calculations. Check that (Circumference – Number of Rows * Diameter of Perforations)/Number of Rows is less than (Min-imum Spacing)

WARNING: SOAKAWAYPIT_VALIDATE_AREA.: For underdrain calculations. Minimum bottom Area doesn’t meet MOECC guideline. Area=(W(m) * L(m) * H(m))/(InfiltrationRate(m/hr) * Draw-downTime(hr))

WARNING: SOAKAWAYPIT_VALIDATE_HEIGHT.: For underdrain calculations. Height of Soakaway Pit should be less than (InfiltrationRate(m/hr) * Drawdown(hr)).