To create a continuous simulation, click the Run button located at the Simulation tab to open the Batch Run window. This layout is similar to the single-event simulation and has more columns which are described below.

  • The first and second columns are the same as the one for single-event simulation.
  • The third to fifth columns are to choose the rain group, temperature group and evaporation group for the simulation, of which the temperature and evaporation is optional. If temperature is left as empty, a fixed temperature (10 °C) will be used in the simulation and the snow process will be ignored. If evaporation is left empty, the monthly evaporation in Simulation Engine window will be used. To appear in the drop-down list, the precipitation, temperature and evaporation should be added to Project Manager first.
  • The last two columns are to set the simulation starting and ending date. It will be set to the minimum common time period based on the selection of the three climate data items and can be changed by clicking on the calendar icon.

Different from single-event simulation, no default simulation is created (as there is no default precipitation data). To add a new simulation, click Add button in the toolbar. All other operations are the same as single-event simulation.

The Engine Options button is also available in the toolbar, which can be used to change the global parameter before running the simulations.

Note that the continuous simulation run usually takes more time than single-event simulation. It is recommended to adjust the simulation time step if it takes too long.