The outputs are available in time series and summary format. The time series can be viewed by selecting a command and using the Hydrograph, Plot Results, and Plot Calibration tools. The summary outputs are available in the Water Balance table.

The Hydrograph tool shows the precipitation and the flow for each command. First select the desired command (i.e. 1004) and then click the Hydrograph button in the Simulation toolbar. The precipitation is plotted on the top, the flow shown in the middle and the Statistics table at the bottom.

Similarly, the Plot Results button in the Simulation tab will open the Plot Results window. There are four options on the left: Run, Type, Variables, and Interval. They are used to change the data that is displayed. The variables of different commands will be different. Catchment commands have all water balance variables including snow melt, evapotranspiration, surface runoff, etc. The time interval will average the data display for given interval.

The Water Balance tool in the Simulation tab displays the annual, monthly and seasonal water balance summary of the selected command. The water balance summary is shown in table and pie chart.

The water balance results can also be found in the Water Balance Results tab at the bottom of the screen. The table summarizes the average annual water balance of all the catchments when applicable.

The simulation results can be labelled in the schematic view. Select any commands. Use Ctrl+mouse to select multiple commands. Right click to open the context menu and choose Set Labels… In the Label Editor window, drag-and-drop the desired label from Available Properties into the Selected Properties window and click OK.

Right click to open context menu and choose Show Labels to display the labelled schematic view.