The continuous project will be used for model calibration and long-term simulation.

Save the Single-Event Project

Before working on a continuous project, save the single-event project. Click Save Project button in the Home toolbar to save all information (including all commands and storms) to a project file.

Create a Continuous Project

Navigate to File -> New Project and select New Continuous Otthymo Project

Import the Single-Event Model

To import Single-event VO Model, use menu File -> Import -> Import VH Scenario (Current project) and browse to the saved single-event project. Please note that importing Otthymo scenarios into continuous project will not import the background images. Users can add them following previous steps when adding background image in single-event project.

Open saved single-event project. The Import Scenarios window will appear. The available scenarios are listed in the Import Scenario window. Click the Import Selected button at the bottom. The scenario created in the single-event model will be added to the continuous project.

If you do not see the imported scenario on your canvas, click the scenario tab or double click the scenario from Project Manager. Right click on the canvas to open context menu and choose Zoom Extent to see the entire imported model.

Delete unused scenario

Delete Scenario1 from the Project Manager. To delete scenario, click on the scenario and then click the button on the top of Project Manager.