Prior to printing and submitting your model for review, it is a good idea to review the Detailed Out-put file and check for any Warning or Error messages. As with most computer programs, VO will often run with improper input and yield some suspect results. It is therefore recommended that all users become accustomed to reviewing output files.

Warning messages such as “Warning: Incoming Hydrograph is dry” may not necessarily be a problem, provided that the user intended it this way.

A common warning message for the STANDHYD commands is “Warning: Storage coeff. is small-er than time step”. This message says that storage coefficient is smaller than the time step, DT. This means that the time to peak of the unit hydrograph is greater than calculated time of concentration which can result in an underestimation of the peak flow. Therefore, the user should reduce the DT to an integer value less than the storage coefficient. Do not reduce DT less than 1.0. This warning message can be safely ignored when DT is set to 1.0.

All routing commands should be checked to ensure that the input rating curves have not been exceeded, which will result in erroneous results.