Properties window shows all properties of selected hydrologic object(s) or current scenario. To use Properties window:

  • Select single hydrologic object in Map View or Schematic View to view and edit all properties of the object;
  • Select multiple hydrologic objects in Map View or Schematic View to view and edit common properties;
  • Deselect all hydrologic objects to view and edit scenario properties.

Properties are usually grouped in different categories to be easily located.

Tooltip is given for each property to give more detailed information. This is useful for users that are not familiar with OTTHYMO model. To see the Tooltip, hover the mouse cursor on the top of the property name and the tooltip will show.

The search bar is located at the top. It will filter properties to only display those with given string.

Editing Property Value
The property value can be edited using the text box, combo box, or button at the right-hand side of the property name.