To enhance your spatial analysis capabilities, the VO software provides a powerful tool called “Create Polygon Layer.” This tool allows you to draw polygons directly on the map, enabling you to define specific areas of interest for further analysis and visualization. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make the most of this feature:

1. Begin by selecting the “Create Polygon Layer” option from the software’s menu or toolbar.

2. Before drawing the polygon, it’s important to save the shape layer to your preferred location on your computer. This ensures that your work is saved and can be easily accessed later.
3. Once the “Create Polygon Layer” tool is activated, you’ll notice that the cursor changes to a hand icon, indicating that you can now start drawing the polygon.
4. Left-click on the desired locations on the map to create the vertices of the polygon. Each left-click will add a new vertex, allowing you to shape the polygon according to your specific requirements.
5. Continue left-clicking to add more vertices and refine the polygon’s shape as needed.
6. To finalize the polygon and access the context menu, right-click on the map. This context menu provides several useful options for managing your polygon creation process.

  • “Delete Sketch”: Use this option if you need to discard the current sketch and start over.
  • “Finish Sketch”: Selecting this option will complete the sketch and add the created shape file under the “Imported” layer. Once you choose to finish the sketch, you won’t be able to add additional polygons to the same layer.

  • “Remove Last Vertex”: If you’ve accidentally added a vertex or no longer need the last one you added, this option allows you to remove the most recently added vertex.
  • “End Editing”: Use this option to end the current shape drawing and start creating a new shape. This flexibility allows you to draw multiple polygons within the same shape layer, ideal for complex analyses or multi-region studies.

Note: When you select the “End Editing” option, the polygons you’ve drawn will appear transparent, showing only their sides. To make the polygons fully visible, select the “Finish Sketch” option from the context menu.
You can repeat the above steps to create multiple polygons within the same shape layer if desired, enabling you to define various areas of interest within your analysis.