To view the hydrograph, first select the objects in Map View or Schematic View, then click the Hydrograph button in Simulation tab. The Hydrograph window will appear.

The hydrographs of selected objects are plotted at the bottom of the plotting area. The figure above is the rainfall plot. These two plots have same time scale. To zoom in, simply scroll the mouse scroll wheel up or draw a rectangle to the area of interest on the plot. To zoom out, scroll the mouse wheel down or select the Un-Zoom or Undo All Zoom/Pan from the context menu. All graph options available from the context menu are described in Table 10-4.


Command Description
Copy Copies the graph
Save Image As Saves the graphical image as the user-defined name
Page Setup Allows user to modify the setup for the page
Print Prints the hydrograph plot displayed
Show Point Values Graph will display the value that the cursor hovers
Un-Zoom Graph un-zooms the most recent zoom
Undo All Zoom/Pan Graph will return to its original scale
Panning Use the cursor to drag and pan the graph image
Zooming Use the mouse scroll to zoom into and zoom out of the graph. Enclose the specified area using the mouse to zoom into that area

The data source, visibility and color of the hydrographs can be changed with the controls on the left side of the window. At the top is the simulation run, selection box to switch to other simulation runs. Below that are the controls for rainfall and hydrograph plots. Individual plots can be turned off and changed to another color.