A background showing the study area helps the modelers to place the hydrologic objects and the reviewers to quickly understand the model structure.

To add the background:

  1. Select the Background -> Change Background … menu from the Canvas context menu.
  2. Select the background picture file in the Select an Image window. It supports JPEG, PNG and BMP format.
  3. Click the Open button to add the selected picture file as the Canvas background.
  4. Use the navigation functions to Pan, Zoom In or Zoom Out the Canvas until the background is in its desired location.
  5. Change the width and height of the background in the scenario properties window if necessary. Note that the aspect ratio is not locked.

To remove background, select the Background -> Remove Background menu in Canvas con-text menu.

To hide background, uncheck the Show Background in the scenario properties window. Note that this is different from removing background. The background is still in the scenario.