In this tutorial, we will learn how to clip a raster file using VO. Clipping allows us to extract a specific area of interest from a larger DEM file. To perform this task, you will need a DEM file and a polygon shape file to define the clipping area.

Step 1: Download the DEM File
Begin by downloading the DEM file that you want to work with.

Step 2: Importing the DEM File
Launch the VO software and navigate to the appropriate menu for adding layers.
Click on the option to add a new layer, and then select the DEM file from your computer.

Step 3: Zooming to the Imported Layer
To visualize the imported DEM file, locate the “Map” tab within the software. Expand the “Imported” layer and right-click on the imported DEM file. Choose the “Zoom to Layer” option to focus on the imported file.

Step 4: Creating the Polygon Layer
To define the clipping area, we need to create a polygon shape file. In VO, you can create a new polygon layer directly.
Click on the button or option that allows you to create a new polygon layer. Save the shape file at your desired location on your computer.

Step 5: Drawing the Polygon
Activate the polygon drawing tool by clicking on it. Left-click on the map to create the vertices of the polygon. Continue left-clicking to add more vertices and shape the polygon according to your desired area.
Once you have defined the desired area, right-click on the map to access the context menu. You will find options to manage the shape file, such as deleting the sketch, finishing the sketch, removing the last vertex, or ending the editing session.

Step 6: Clipping the Raster
Now, let’s proceed with the raster clipping process. Locate the “Clip Raster” function within the software. Click on it to open the clipping window.
In the clipping window, specify the imported DEM file as the “Input Raster”. Assign the drawn polygon shape file as the “Input Vector”. Choose a destination folder to save the clipped file by setting the “Output Folder”.
Once you have set the input raster, input vector, and output folder, click on the “Run” button to execute the clipping operation.

Step 7: Viewing the Clipped Raster
After the clipping process is completed, the resulting clipped raster will be added as a new layer within VO. You can adjust the layer visibility and order as needed.
You have successfully clipped a raster file in VO. You can now utilize the clipped raster for further analysis or visualization within your project.