In this exercise, we will create a VO model in the map view, where a model can be created by manipulating the GIS features. Not only can GIS data be used to create the model structure but it also can be used to calculate parameter values.

Please download the attachment for practicing and viewing results.
tutorial – GIS

There are five shapefiles in the GIS data file folder: 1) catchment, 2) stream, 3) outlet, 4) soil and 5) landuse.

A Catchment is a polygon layer that represents the catchments in this area. A Stream is a polyline layer for streams and channels. An Outlet Layer is point layer representing the outlet of downstream catchments. The model structure will be created using these three layers. In total, there are 5 catchments, 3 streams and 2 outlets.

The Soil and Landuse layer has the soil and land use information, which includes the soil hydrological group and land use type. These two layers will be used to calculate CN.