Besides rainfall data, a continuous simulation can also use temperature and evaporation data. It’s also required to setup the starting and ending date.

To create a continuous simulation, click the Run button located at the Simulation tab to open the Batch Run window. And then click the Add button in the toolbar to create a simulation. If precipitation and/or temperature is available in Project Manager, it will be automatically selected in the new simulation. The starting and ending date is also automatically based on the precipitation and temperature data.

To run simulations, check the simulations in the first column and then click the Run button at the bottom. A window will appear to show the simulation run progress. The Batch Run window will be closed after the simulation run is finished.

Note that the default time step for a continuous simulation is 5 minutes. The simulation run may take a while when the climate data covers long time period. To use a longer time step, change it in the Simulation Engine window (Engine Options button in Simulation tab).