1. Navigate to File -> New Project and select New Continuous Otthymo Project

2. To import Single-event VO Model, use menu File -> Import -> Import VH Scenario (Current project) and browse to the training package.

Open …\model\practice\Continuous_practice.voprj. The Import Scenarios window will appear. The available scenarios are listed in the Import Scenario window. Click the Import Selected button at the bottom. The scenario named “Exercise #1” is added to the model.

3. if you do not see the scenario named Excercise #1 on your canvas, click the scenario tab or double click the scenario from Project Manager. Right click on the canvas to open context menu and choose Zoom Extent to see the entire imported model.

4. The parameters of each command can be found in the Properties window on the right or the Parameters Tables window at the bottom. Parts of those parameters in the continuous model are the same as in the single-event model, but new parameters are added too. VO gives default values for those new parameters, but they can be edited by users too. See the figure below to check the difference for the NasHyds 1002.