Click the scenario “Post” under the Drainage Network Scenarios in the Project Manager. Then, click the Duplicate button on the Project Manager. Give a name “Post Mit” for the duplicate scenario.

Modify the model layout of scenario “Post Mit” as below, where we add another StandHyd command to represent the roof area of the new development site and we add a RouteReservoir after the StandHyd command.

Select the old StandHyd on the Schematic view that is not connected to any command and change its AREA to 12.25 ha in the Properties tab. Select the new StandHyd command that is connected with RouteReservoir. In the Properties tab, change the parameters in the Properties tab as below.

Select RouteReservoir command. Set the parameters as below. Then, click the button next to the Rating Curve field in the Properties tab to open the Discharge Storage Editor window.

Find the rating curve table at “…\data\rating curve.csv”. Copy the table in the EXCEL file without the header by Ctrl+c.

Go back to VO. In the table of Discharge Storage Editor window of VO, select the first cell under the DISCH column. Paste the copied discharge curve to the Discharge Storage Editor by Ctrl+v. Click OK to close and close Discharge Storage Editor.