Select the NasHyd command “Farm Field 1” and open the Properties menu. At the bottom of the Properties menu there is a heading for Water Quality. Select the button next the LandUse field and you will see a window with a list of land uses which match those in the water quality table you added to the model in previous step.

In this Land Use table we will be adding land use as a percent of total area. Simply edit the number in the “Percent” column. Make sure that the Total = 100%. Note that the areas are calculated automatically as you edit this window and you should end up with the same total area that is assigned to the NasHyd “Farm Field 1” you are editing.

Add land use values to each NasHyd command using the values provided in the table below.

Paved Surface Roof Landscaped Area Row Crop Open Space Forest Wetland Total
1 Farm Field 1 90% 5% 5% 100%
2 Farm Field 2 95% 5% 100%
3 Woodlot 3% 8% 12% 77% 100%
4 Hay Meadow 80% 15% 5% 100%
5 Natural Area 70% 25% 5% 100%