To create a single-event simulation, click the Run button located at the Simulation tab to open the Batch Run window, where all simulation runs are shown in a data table with three columns.

  • The first column is a check box to indicate if the simulation run will be run.
  • The second column is the name of the simulation run which will be used in various place to switch results. It is recommended to use a recognizable name. To change the name, double click it.
  • The last column is the rain group used for the simulation run. It features a drop-down list to have all available rain groups created in Project Manager.

A new project usually has a default simulation run using the default rain group (a Chicago design storm). To add a new simulation, click the Add button in the toolbar. A simulation run can be deleted using the Delete button in the toolbar.

To run simulations, make sure the simulations are checked in the first column and then click the Run button at the bottom. A window will appear to show the simulation run progress. The Batch Run window will be closed after the simulation run is finished.

The simulation results are saved in files. To delete these results file, click the Clear All Results button at the left bottom corner.