For Visual OTTHYMO 6.1 (VO) we have added scenario comparison to single-event and continuous models., upgraded continuous modeling by including GIS tool and hydrograph commands of ScsHyd and NasHyd, improved LID package, expanded the data exporting/importing function between project manager and resource library, as well as various bug fixes.

  1. Single-event GIS tools are now available in Continuous modeling.
  1. Added ScsHyd and WilHyd commands in Continuous modeling.
  1. LID chamber: add Triton and new “Other” company in the list of LID chambers
  1. Export storm data from Project Manager to Resource Library.
  1. Add scenario comparison for single-event models. Now, this tool is available for both single-event and continuous models. For more details, please refer to the section of Scenario Comparison. You can also learn how to use it by looking into tutorials
  1. Create online documentations: User’s Manual (this current document), Reference Guide and Tutorials.
  1. Bug fixes include:
  • Fixed error when importing VO3 model.
  • Fixes for groudwater group in Continuous model.
  • Fixes for DuHyd label in Single-event model.
  • Fixes in rainfall intensity for manual input design storm.
  • Fixes to existing RouteChannel in certain scenarios and new RouteChannel
  • Fixes to the time step for a file-based design storm exported from Project Manager to Resource Library;
  • Fixes to saving changes in Resource Library