To view other time series data, select the objects in Map View or Schematic View, and then click the Plot Results button in Simulation tab. The Plot Results window will appear.

On the left side is the control panel to control the data source and appearance of the plots. From the top to bottom, the options are:

  1. Run – The simulation run.
  2. Type – The type of objects. Objects of same type have similar time series.
  3. Variables – The available time series.
  4. Interval – The time interval, for the time series data, will be summarized and displayed. The options are Original, Day, Week, Month and Year. The original will use the simulation time step. The line graph is used for Original, Day and Week. Month and Year will use the bar chart.

Below the control panel is the list of selected objects which is where the plot visibility and color can be changed. As continuous simulations tend to have large amounts of data in each time series data, it is not recommended to display multiple objects at the same time.

An example is shown in the figure below. In the first screenshot, the flow is plotted in 5-min time intervals. The same time series is summarized on weekly basis and plotted in the second screen-shot.

The time series data can be exported to a simple CSV file by clicking the Export button on the top left corner.