Convert hydrograph commands for developed areas to StandHyds.
Right click on NasHyd 1003 and select convert to StandHyd.

Repeat for NasHyd 1005. You will see the NasHyd commands are changed to NasHyd commands.

Delete the link from StandHyd 1003 to RouteChannel 2002 and the link from StandHyd 1005 to RouteChannel 2004. Add a new StandHyd and set its NHYD and NAME to be 1006. This new StandHyd is split from the original NasHyd 1002 to represent the pond area. Add pond Route Reservoir and set its NHYD and NAME to be 15.

Remove and add commands and links when necessary. The final schematic layout should be the same as shown in the scenario “Proposed Conditions” which is the solution of this exercise. Practice by yourself before referring to the answer.