The Error List window shows the errors and warnings in the model. By default, it’s located at the bottom of the main interface.

Certain rules apply to an OTTHYMO model. If these rules are not met, a warning or an error will show in the Error List window. A model with any error can’t be run. The error and warning information is shown in a data table with the error type, hydrologic object ID and name, hydrologic object type and error message. An error will be shown as and a warning will be . Same as the Parameter Tables and Hydrograph Results windows, the hydrologic object can be zoomed in by double-clicking on the data record in the table. Note that, a red outline is added to the object icon if an error is found. For example, a RouteChannel without source link will be shown as in canvas.

The data table can be filtered to only show errors or warnings. The three buttons on the top is to switch each message on and off. By default, all errors and warning are shown in the table.