Hydrologic objects do not have geospatial location information when 1) they are created on canvas or 2) they are imported from an older model. To take advantage of GIS functions, the geospatial location information can be assigned to hydrological objects. To do this:

  1. Click the Assign Geometry button in the GIS tab. The Assign Geometry window will appear. By default, the window lists all hydrologic objects that have no associated geometry. It can also show all hydrologic objects by deselecting Filter Commands with Geometries.

  1. To assign a manually created geometry, click the Assign New Geometry button at bottom and the cursor changes to a pencil. Follow the same procedure as in 6.4.3 to create the geometry. Once the geometry is successfully created, it will be assigned to the selected hydrologic object.
  2. To assign exiting geometry to a selected hydrologic object, add the data layer first and then select the geometry on the map. Next, select the correct hydrologic object in the list and click Assign Selected Geometry button at the bottom.