Click the Resource Library button in the Simulation toolbar.

Navigate to the Top Group folder “Erosion-training” that was created previously for continuous model. We will add design storm to the same Top Group folder. To add rain data, click on the folder “Erosion-training” and click the Read-In button in the New Design Storm.

This will open a New Design Storm – From File window. Click the Browse button to pop up a window. Change the file type to CSV file (.csv)*. Navigate to the design storm at “…data/20mm 4hr Chicago.csv”, click on the csv file and then click Open. The 20mm 4hr Chicago design storm will be added to the New Design Storm – From File window. Click OK to close the window. Following the same way, add the 25 mm and 30 mm design storms “…/data/25mm 4hr Chicago.csv” and “…/data/30mm 4hr Chicago.csv”.

Click Add to Model button in the toolbar of Resource Library window to add design storms to Project Manager. In the pop-up window after clicking Add to model, select the last one and give the name that is the rain dataset name.

Click Save button to save Resource Library and then close it.

For more information about how to add climate data, please refer to Manual – Working with Resource Library and tutorial – Using Resource Library