RouteReservoir is used to route hydrographs through reservoirs using the Storage-Indication method. Users can define Shape and Discharge Type on the Properties tab.

There are 6 types of shapes that users can select: Unknown, Truncated Triangular Pyramid, Truncated Rectangular Pyramid, Truncated Wedge, Truncated Cone, and Elliptical Paraboloid.

There are 3 discharge types: Manual Input, Orifice and Weir.

Please refer to the following links for more information about Shape and Discharge:

The RouteReservoir command has the option to model an overflow hydrograph, if the discharge-storage curve is exceeded during a model run. Checking on the box of Overflow on the reservoir’s properties tab will limit the outflow from the reservoir to the maximum discharge value and will generate an overflow hydrograph equal to in-flow minus maximum outflow. If the Overflow checkbox is turned off and the inflow exceeds the capacity of the reservoir, the Discharge-Storage Curve will be automatically extended to contain the inflow.