RouteReservoir is used to route hydrographs through reservoirs using the Storage-Indication method.

RouteReservoir has only one parameter, the Discharge-Storage Curve (Rating Curve). It has pairs of discharge-storage values to describe the Discharge-Storage relationship of the reservoir (m³/s & ha.m. or ft³/s & ac.ft.). A maximum of 20 co-ordinates can be entered. The first set of co-ordinates must be 0,0. If the outlet to the pond is not at the bottom of the facility, the curve can have multiple 0 values for discharge as shown in the example below:

In this example the reservoir would fill up to a volume of 0.100 ha-m before discharging any run-off.

The RouteReservoir command has the option to model an overflow hydrograph if the discharge-storage curve is exceeded during a model run. Selecting this option will limit the outflow from the reservoir to the maximum discharge value and will generate an overflow hydrograph equal to in-flow minus maximum outflow. If the overflow option is not selected and the inflow exceeds the capacity of the reservoir, the Discharge-Storage Curve will be automatically extended to contain the inflow.