StandHyd and NasHyd generate hydrographs. These hydrographs are then passed through channels by RouteChannel to the downstream.
To create a RouteChannel, select RouteChannel in the Tool Box and drag-and-drop it to the Canvas. Put it on the channels it will simulate. Move other hydrologic objects if necessary to allow a clear distribution. Name them as 2001, 2002, and 2004 respectively. Spend time to explore all the parameters. Click the buttons next to the parameters to see further information if necessary.

At this stage, the Canvas will be similar to the one shown below. Note that the symbol for the three RouteChannel are red-outlined, which means there are errors associated with them. Error details can be found in the Error List window usually located at bottom. It says “A source link is required”, which reminds the user that the RouteChannel must have an input. This error will be fixed in the next step.