Click the Resource Library button in the Simulation toolbar.

Add a new Top Group in the Library Explorer of the Resource Library window and name it as “Erosion-training”.

Then, we should add rain data for calibration and long-term simulation. To add rain data, first add a Rain Gauge under the Top Group “Erosion-training” and then add the Read-in data in CSV file. Following the same way, add the rain data “…/data//calibration/calibration_rain.csv” to be used for calibration and add the rain data “…/long-term_rain 1992-1997.csv” to be used for long-term simulation.

Click Add to Model button in the toolbar of Resource Library window to add rain data to Project Manager.

Click Save button to save Resource Library and then close it.

For more information about how to add climate data for continuous model, please refer to tutorial – Working with a Continuous Model