Finally, we will set up our Route Reservoir command. The reservoir in this model represents a dry pond with an emergency overflow. The Route Reservoir goes downstream of the AddHyd – 29.

Users can choose to check off or the Overflow. Without the overflow option selected this command will work like the original Route Reservoir, so if the volume in the stage storage curve is exceeded, VO will extend the Discharge-Storage Rating Curve to find the required volume. With the overflow option checked off, VO will assume that once the highest discharge rate is exceeded then runoff will overflow until such a time as the discharge decreases below the maximum value. For this exercise we will use the overflow option.

The rating curve table is as below:

Discharge Storage
0 0
0.135 0.09
0.269 0.15
0.371 0.2
0.486 0.24
0.672 0.31
0.787 0.35

Click the button next to the Rating Curve to view/edit the Discharge-Storage Curve.

SWM facilities also have the option to be used for water quality treatment in VO. As this facility is a dry pond we have reduced the TSS and TP removal rates to 50% and 40% respectively.