Choose the five hydrologic objects by drawing a rectangle on the Canvas. Right click and select Set labels … to open the Label Editor window as shown below.

The window lists all available properties that could be added as a label. Notice that some of them are hydrograph summaries which will only have a value after the simulation, e.g. PKFW and TP. As no results are available at this stage, only add Name as the label property. To do this, you need to select Name and drag-and-drop it to the right panel.

Also choose a background colour for the label at the bottom of the window. Click OK to apply the settings.

The label doesn’t show up on the Canvas after the setup because labels are not visible by default. To show the labels, keep the hydrologic objects selected and right-click on the Canvas again and choose Show Labels. The labels will be shown on the Canvas as the one shown below.

Note that the settings only apply for selected hydrologic objects. If one hydrologic object is not selected, the label will not be added.