For continuous simulation, the time series data usually comes from monitoring gauges. It is necessary to have the gauge information (e.g. ID and location) included in the Resource Library to enable connect to monitoring database and apply distributed rainfall models. Each gauge may have more than one time-series data which may have different time step or cover different time range.

For evaporation, it may be a pan evaporation gauge or a general climate monitoring station where the potential evapotranspiration can be calculated using various equations.

To add a new gauge, first select the parent group in the Library Explorer and then click the Rain Gauge button , Temperature Gauge button , Evaporation Gauge button , Groundwater Gauge button , or Flow Gauge button in the Toolbar. For evaporation gauge, it is necessary to specify the type of the data type. It can be lake evaporation, pan evaporation or potential evapotranspiration.