Smart City Water is dedicated to continuously improving Visual OTTHYMO to design the best user interface and hydrologic model simulation software for our users. For example, we designed the LID toolbox for clients to more easily meet the requirements set by MOECP and GTA Conservation Authorities/Municipalities. We hope that Visual OTTHYMO has successfully run simulation analyses for Watershed Studies, Sub-watershed Studies, Master Drainage Plans, Functional Storm-water Management Plans, Site Plans, and Stormwater Management Pond Designs.

We are fully committed to our users and we want to make the best experience for you. Please contact us if there is something you want us to add to the software to make your experience easier. Should you have any question not answered in the User’s Manual or Reference Manual, contact Smart City Water’s VO Technical Support or +1 (905) 417-9792.

We also offer software customization services to provide users specific functions in VO. Contact our VO Technical Support team at for any customization inquiries.

Thank you for using our software and we look forward to seeing your amazing results completed with the help of Visual OTTHYMO.