Click the Run button in the toolbar. The Batch Run window will appear. To create a simulation run, click the Add button in the toolbar of Batch Run. Select Precipitation and Temperature files and check the starting and ending dates as shown in the figure below. The Evaporation is left as empty, which means that an average monthly evaporation will be used. The Water Quality is left as empty, because we do not model water quality in this exercise.

The average monthly evaporation can be found in the Engine Option. You can open it by either click the Engine Option button from the Batch Run window or click the Engine Options button in the Simulation tab.

The Simulation Engine window will appear. Switch to the Soil tab and click the Edit button for Monthly Evaporation.

The Monthly Evaporation Editor will appear. The total evaporation for each month is given in the table.

The next step is to change simulation time step. The default simulation time step is 5 minutes. To change this, switch to Time Step tab and change the time step to 60 minutes.

Click OK to save setting. Then click Run button in Batch Run window to run the simulation. It may take a while to run the 10-year simulation.