Use the Query tool to search desired commands on the Map. Please note that Query is a GIS tool, so it only works for the commands created on the Map, not for Schematic View.

In the Query window, set up your query condition:

  1. Choose which Layer to search for the commands.
  2. Set up Rules and click button to add the rule to Sql Expression space. You can also directly type the rule in the Sql Expression window. The Query tool will search based on the Sql Expression. If multiple rules apply, use the Logic field to add logic operations (AND, OR). The Logic field can be empty too. If it is empty, a red box will show around the Logic field, which is just a reminder, and you can ignore it, if you do not want to add logic operation.
  1. Click Search button and the searched results will display in the table of the Query window.

Users can view and select on the searched results table on the Query window. Click on the rows of the table to select commands. For multiple selection, hold Ctrl or Shift keys. The selected commands will be highlighted on the Map and users can view/edit their common parameters in the Properties tab, which by default is located on the right of the main interface.